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I am a string bass player, playing jazz, swing, blues and bluegrass. I play bass for Dreams Come True, a jazz quartet.

Dreams COme True band

A fiddler. I play bluegrass, blues, and swing/jazz music. You can hear some of my playing on the CD "Not Far From The Tree", from Lost In The Fog. I am no longer in that band, but it was fun while it lasted.

A computer geek. More specifically, I'm a toolsmith, a database wizard, and a Configuration Management/ software development lifecycle process expert. I like to make the computer treat me and my developer friends better.

I love and collect little one-line quotes. "Signature Generator" on this page will return a randomly selected quote from my collection; I set it up like this so you can point an email system to it that allows using a URL, and get a signature quote at random. I had a list of these that was #1 found if you google 'signature quotes' for quite a while.

I am very fond of humor, absurdity, irony and ridiculousness. Good nonsense is very damn difficult to write, let me tell you.


I'm married to LauriBeth, a genuine force of nature and the designer of this web site (try shrinking and expanding the window, it's amazing). She's always been the girl of my dreams.

One son is Adam, a musician living in Tampa, Florida, an electrician by trade, a great follower of sports and player of nerd games

My other son is Bob, who is a remarkable design lead at Monolith, where he played a major role in creating "Shadow Of Mordor", game of the year in 2014/15. Also a musician. I've been an influence, I reckon.